Read this first! Forum rules and introduction

Contains all announcements and rules for the PC-98 Central community.
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Read this first! Forum rules and introduction

Post by 98digger » Mon May 29, 2017 11:54 pm

Hello and welcome to the PC-98 Central Forum! Our community is based around the NEC PC-9800 Series and its compatibles, and as such we welcome all content to do with and in relation to it.

The PC-9800 series (or "PC-98" for short) dominated the Japanese computing industry from 1982 until the mid-90s, before finally being discontinued in 2000. It sold over 20 Million units in total, making the PC-9800 series one of the best selling computer series of all time. The original PC-9801 was based around an architecture NEC ("Nippon Electric Company") developed in-house (PCX-04) which takes elements from past NEC computers such as the NEC TK-80 and PC-8801.

Throughout its lifespan, the PC-9800 Series had a significantly large number of games produced for it; it has been estimated that there are about 6,000 PC-98 games in total. Of this supposed 6,000 games, the western PC-98 community is aware of only a small fraction of them, meaning there are potentially many classics out there waiting to be discovered! Among these games are notably the first five Touhou Project titles, the original Corpse Party, as well as many titles developed by Compile and even Gainax.

Below are the rules of our forum:

1.) Please be respectful.
2.) Do not post or link to anything determined to be illegal in the United States of America.
3.) More rules may be added by administration if necessary in the future.
4.) Only mild NSFW content is permitted; everything else is prohibited.
5.) Uploads of copyrighted material directly to this site are prohibited.

We hope you enjoy your stay on the PC-98 Central Forum, and we welcome you to the world of PC-98! :D

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