My machine just arrived!

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My machine just arrived!

Post by cuba200611 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:08 pm

Well, not really. It was about 8 hours ago.

It came on an Epson printer box (Ironic, since Epson once cloned the PC-98), with a bunch of bubble wrap.

Here's a link to the unpacking photos:

Since the only monitor I had was the one that this computer that I'm typing this on is connected to, I had to turn it off for a while. The monitor refuses anything below 31 KHz, so I had to boot the machine while holding down the "GRPH" and "2" keys in order it to boot to 31 KHz mode.

Here's a video of it booting: ... kdvc3F5UHc

Yeah, the hard drive needs to be replaced soon.

It came with a CAD program, and also Win 3.1, but it won't run due to an error involving EMM386.

And here's a couple of pictures of the machine in operation, along with an extra:

(Yeah, making posts on this forum is quite bare-bones.)
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Re: My machine just arrived!

Post by SkyeWelse » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:52 pm

Congratulations on your first machine! Make a backup of that HDD so that you can re-write the image if needed to a CF card + IDE adapter for it!

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